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News & Updates March 15th, 2017

The American Health Care Bill will go to the House floor for a vote next week. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Committee (CBO) released its analysis of the bill. Here is what it means: 

  • By the end of next year, the number of uninsured Americans will increase by 14 million Americans because of this bill. 
  • By the year 2026, the number of uninsured Americans will increase by 24 million Americans because of this bill.
  • Most of the loss of coverage will be due to cuts to Medicaid (AHCCCS).
  • In Arizona, Medicaid (AHCCCS) provides health coverage for almost 2 million children, people with disabilities, seniors in long term care, parents, and working adults.
  • This huge transfer of financial risk to our state will have a negative impact on our state’s budget, employment, and on our economy.

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Thursday, March 16th is National Medicaid Call-In Day. People from around the country will call Congress to tell them how they feel about the health care repeal bill. Please forward this alert to your networks and partners using the button below. The next two weeks are absolutely critical! 
The number to call is 866-426-2631 to connect to your congressional representative.

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