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Laura’s son had been diagnosed with ADHD and a developmental disability. Both Laura and her son were struggling when she contacted Raising Special Kids.  “I was having a hard time ‘getting’ my own kid. I found myself slipping into a deep depression and losing faith in my ability to be a good mom.”

Laura began a program designed to provide her with skills and strategies for parents raising children with difficult behavior.

After the first session, Laura recalled, “I felt like I had won the lottery.” As the program continued, she compared the experience to rock climbing, “I gained purchase – a handhold so I could pull myself up. I really think it saved my life!”

Last year Raising Special Kids helped 9,057 families.

And we’ll do it again this year.

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It’s A Good Time To Have Dyslexia

​Meriah Houser is a former teacher, and a lover of books. She was eager to pass on her enthusiasm for reading to her sons, Cole and Maddox. As her boys grew, Meriah discovered that reading was very challenging for them. … KEEP READING

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Not long ago Aurora Townsend and her family were afraid that she would be unable to follow her dream of attending college to become a Neurobiologist. Aurora has Toxic Encephalopathy and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome–disabilities that cause her body to respond intensely to substances in the environment many of us do not notice. … KEEP READING

​I Felt Like I Could Breathe Again!

When Laurie and her husband adopted Adilynn, they anticipated a few minor medical issues. What they could not have anticipated was the number of hospitalizations, medical procedures and dozens of specialists necessary to meet Adilynn’s medical needs. … KEEP READING

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